Kęstutis Vaiginis (b. 1978) is a skillful and, for his age, extremely mature Lithuanian jazz musician of the young generation. He is a saxophone player, composer, and group leader who for a long time divided his artistic interest between academic and jazz music.
However, today he represents the jazz scene that offers wider expressive possibilities.
Kęstutis Vaiginis is 30. Ten out of three decades of his life have been spent on stage. In those years playing with peers and experienced jazz masters, as well as compatriots and foreign colleagues he earned a great reputation in the Lithuanian jazz community.
As a student at the Lithuanian Academy of Music he participated in festival projects with Barbara Dennerlein, Daniel Messina, and Hernan Romero.

His studies in Amsterdam and New York contributed to his already wide circle of creative international acquaintances. As a leader he made his debut in 1999 and ever since the power of his creative energy has attracted an international selection of people (from Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, Korea, and Latin America) with whom he share artistic ideas. This CD features another of his international groups.
All of compositions on this CD come from Kęstutis Vaiginis' quill. Convincing and original pieces testify to his talent as a composer, which complement his gift as a leader and performer. The compositions are smartly crafted using both the tools of contemporary jazz and classical music yet are colored with the Lithuanian character that is particularly brought out by the transparent, controlled, Northern, lyrical and emotional sound typical of Kestutis' saxophones.

Jūratė Kučinskaitė


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One of the most famous saxophonist Steve Wilson (New York) described the K.Vaiginis’ CD "Unexpected Choices" in a following way:
"Unexpected Choices" brings anticipated joy from the music of Kestutis Vaiginis. His vision is wide-ranging from the subtle to the provocative, rooted in an appreciation of tradition and yet looking forward. Kestutis is developing a highly personal voice that is primed to make a significant contribution"
Steve Wilson

"Rythms of July" from Saulkrasti and Riga jazz

Jazz critic Varerij Kopman, 2009, Saulkrasti jazz festival

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  Kęstutis VaiginisFoto courtesy: Marijus Petrauskas